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The easy way to prevent your project going over budget...

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Preventing a fitout project from going over budget requires a few logical steps but they must be done in the right order to work.

1. Establish a clear project scope: Clearly define what you need your fitout to achieve with your own team or staff. This will help prevent adding costs later.

We highly recommend doing this next step BEFORE, not after, hiring an architect and commencing the design. This is where Cubo Projects can help at NO EXTRA cost.

2. Develop a detailed budget: Develop a detailed budget that includes all the costs associated with the project, including materials, labor, permits, and contingency funds.

Cubo specialise in fitouts, its all we do, so we know what the market price will be and we can identify what might be some of the hidden costs that the designer may not have thought of.

Include a contingency fund in your budget to cover unexpected costs.

Unexpected costs are very minimal, if any, when we prepare the budget.

3. Hire a reputable architect: Select a designer with a strong reputation for delivering quality designs within budget. Check references and past projects to ensure they have a proven track record of delivering projects within budget.

Cubo Projects can work with the designer (one you hire or one we recommend) to ensure the design meets the budget, before the design process and design costs get too far down the track.

4. Prioritise cost-effective solutions: Work with your contractor and designer to identify cost-effective solutions that meet your project's requirements. This may include selecting more affordable finishes or materials, or finding ways to streamline the construction process.

By following these steps and employing a reputable and experienced fitout contractor, you can prevent the project from going over budget and ensure its success.

In our experience, most businesses make the mistake of employing the architect or designer first. They have the design produced to reflect what they need and want, only to find out once the design is completed and had it quoted, that it is going to cost more than they realised or can afford. They then need to spend a lot more time and money redesigning the fitout, without knowing if they have made enough changes to bring it back on budget, until it goes out to the market again.

You can avoid all of that risk, cost and time wasting if you get Cubo involved from the beginning. We can show you how our cost and design management service will not cost you anything at all, but will almost definitely save you a considerable sum and many many weeks. There is no catch.

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